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Zillow Expanding Zillow Offers Program


Zillow has been expanding the services it offers to both home buyer and sellers.  In select markets, the company began a program called Zillow Offers.  In the Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Charlotte and Denver areas, homeowners are able to “request a no-obligation cash offer from Zillow to buy their home. If they accept it, Zillow directly buys a seller’s house, prepares it for showings and quickly lists it for sale”, according to an article published on HousingWire.com.

The program was only launched nine months ago and according to the president of Zillow, Jeremy Wacksman, there has been a demand from homeowners to launch Zillow Offers in additional geographic markets.  Wacksman states, “It’s clear people want a convenient, stress-free way to sell their home, and real estate professionals are eager to work with us to leverage Zillow Offers as a way to build their local businesses.”  As a result, Zillow Offers will be expanding in 2019 to Miami, Minneapois, Nashville, Orlando and Portland.  Additionally, the service is going to be launching in even more cities by the fall of 2019. 

With this expansion, Zillow expects to not only work with local real estate agents and brokers, paying commission to local agents, but also promote Premier Agent, which helps connect sellers and listing agents when a seller has decided not to move forward with a Zillow Offer transaction.

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