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What Influences Mortgage Rates?


Keeping up with the ups and downs of mortgage rates can be daunting.  As home owners consider refinancing their home and buyers try to determine the right time to purchase a home and secure a mortgage rate, it can feel like they are aiming at a moving target and aren’t sure when to actually lock in a rate.  It can make many wonder what causes the rates to fluctuate?  The answer is, many factors impact the mortgage rates.

In an article published by Bankrate, Deborah Khearns thoroughly details several of the reasons mortgage rates increase and decrease over time.  As many know, the Federal Reserve can play a roll in mortgage rate changes.  As the article states, “The Federal Reserve doesn’t set mortgage rates but, sometimes, their decisions can indirectly influence them.”

It is probably pretty obvious that the economy and its current conditions influence the mortgage rates.  It may be surprising, however, to learn that it’s a bad economy that actually helps improve mortgage rates for buyers.  As the economy becomes less favorable, investors tend to move toward safer investments like bonds.  According to Greg Mc Bride, Bankrate’s chief financial analyst, increased number of bond investors results in “…pushing bond prices higher but the yields on those bonds lower.”

The article goes on to discuss the influence of inflation and origination costs as well as the borrower’s financial and credit history and the impact of those on rates.  Read the entire article.