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What Impact with Automation have on Real Estate Needs?


As the age of automation descends upon us, experts analyze its vast and far reaching economic impacts.  One fairly obvious and direct impact is upon employment, as robots and automation eliminate the need for people to complete certain types of work.

Bisnow.com published an article on September 6, 2017 describing some of the findings of a recent report by Carl Benedikt Frey and Citigroup.   Specifically, the article notes that retail jobs will be severely impacted by automation, with Frey suggesting that the retail industry employment is “likely to vanish”.  The impact of this is broader than the elimination of jobs such as manufacturing, which are geographically concentrated.  Frey indicates, “the downfall of retail employment will affect every city and region”.

As these changes begin to take place, a notable effect is a decrease of a need for retail space, resulting in empty storefronts and malls across the United States.  However, what may not have been anticipated was the increased demand for warehouse space.  It is estimated that more than 2.3 billion square feet of new space will be needed for warehousing between now and 2035.  This could require more “mixed-use development, which normally means residential sitting alongside retail or sometimes offices…” according to the article.

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Photo Credit: Seth Werkheiser