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lisleIf you live in Lisle, Illinois, 60532, known as “The Arboretum Village,” you probably know that the village was named in 2007 by Money Magazine as one of the top 20 “Best Places to Live in America.” Ongoing retail and commercial development downtown has combined with residents’ love of nature to create a unique and enticing community. New and established businesses and families can grow and thrive in Lisle.

Finding the right home for you or a convenient location for your business in the Village of Lisle will require a serious investment of your time and money. To avoid taking needless risks with that investment, you need the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney to advise you about issues that could delay or derail your plans. Many potential problems can be avoided or more easily resolved if you consult an attorney before you make an offer to purchase your dream property.

Do not wait until a problem arises before hiring an attorney to help you with your real estate transactions. Call attorney Harry J. Fournier today at (630) 792-1000 to learn how an experienced real estate lawyer can assist you with the purchase or sale of commercial or residential property. If you want to submit question through our website, just use our convenient online contact form.

Commercial Real Estate

Buying or leasing property for your business can present complex issues, including:

  • financing issues
  • zoning restrictions
  • environmental regulations
  • assessments
  • existing leases on property you purchase
  • complex lease terms on property you rent
  • and other issues that that require the advice of a commercial real estate attorney.

Many commercial real estate transactions demand a strong negotiator to help you make the deal you want. You also need a lawyer who has the experience to spot potential pitfalls that could adversely affect your business. Consult with Attorney Harry J. Fournier of Fournier Law Firm, Ltd. for professional advice concerning your commercial real estate sales, purchases, and leases.

Short Sales

A short sale occurs when the selling price is less than the amount owed on the property. When the real estate market is weak, sellers who need to leave because of new employment opportunities elsewhere might not have the luxury of waiting for real estate values to increase. Other sellers can no longer afford their mortgage payments and are forced to sell despite having no equity in the property.

Representation by an experienced short sale lawyer provides essential protection for sellers who do not want to be responsible for unexpected debt after the sale is completed. Attorney Harry J. Fournier of Fournier Law Firm, Ltd. has gained substantial experience assisting and advising clients involved in short sales during his more than 15 years of real estate practice.

If you are involved in a short sale transaction, a commercial real estate purchase or sale, or a residential real estate transaction, you can count on Harry J. Fournier. Make an appointment for a consultation by calling Fournier Law Firm, Ltd. at (630) 792-1000. You can also tell us about your situation by using our online contact form.

Residential Real Estate

If you are buying or selling real estate, you will need to understand the dozens of documents involved in your transaction. Most buyers and sellers want to be represented by an attorney at their real estate closing, but you should not wait until then to retain counsel. Many problems that arise at closing could have been avoided if a real estate attorney had been involved before an offer is made or accepted.

Problems that Fournier Law Firm, Ltd. can help you address include:

  • Financing issues
  • Clouds on title
  • Misrepresentations about the property
  • Disclosure inadequacies
  • Undisclosed encroachments
  • Hidden costs
  • Defects in the property
  • Title insurance issues

Attorney Harry J. Fournier has been handling real estate matters for over 15 years. He has dealt with these issues and many more.  When you want a real estate lawyer to handle your residential transactions, contact Fournier Law Firm, Ltd. before you make or accept an offer concerning the purchase or sale of property. Let an experienced real estate attorney review your documents and advise you about potential problems before they arise. Many deals can be saved if you have an attorney with you at every stage, from the initial offer through the closing.

For help buying or selling residential real estate, put an experienced real estate attorney on your side. Call Fournier Law Firm, Ltd. at (630) 792-1000 or complete our online form.