Hinsdale, IL Real Estate Attorney

Are You Selling or Buying Property in Hinsdale, IL?


hinsdaleKnown as one of the more prosperous towns in Illinois, Hinsdale has rolling hills, a boutique-like downtown, and easy access to Chicago’s lakefront. Beautiful homes with a 60521 ZIP Code abound. The lovely community of Hinsdale continues to build and renovate, making it one of the more desirable places in Illinois to live and work.

Many investors and families look to Hinsdale and other pleasant communities in DuPage and Cook Counties for vacant land, houses and condominiums, vacation homes, and commercial property. Although many buyers and sellers think they only need a lawyer to represent them at their real estate closing, serious problems that may delay or prevent the transaction from closing can often be avoided by consulting with a real estate attorney before entering into a property sales contract.

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Buyers and Sellers Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Many buyers and sellers of real estate want to save money by handling their own transactions. Some of them lose money because they lack the experience and knowledge that is required to anticipate and address problems. The risks for unwary buyers or sellers include:

  • Unexpected financing issues
  • Flaws detected during an inspection
  • Buyers who unreasonably decide to back out of the transaction
  • Property encroachments and zoning problems
  • Title defects
  • Liens against the property
  • Unresolved title insurance exceptions
  • Incomplete disclosure reports
  • Errors in the closing documents
  • Newly discovered tax assessments

Before you find yourself in a difficult position with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, consult with real estate attorney Harry J. Fournier. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, his attention to detail can protect your investment. His services include:

  • Ensuring that all taxes are paid through closing
  • Reviewing your real estate sales contract and proposing beneficial changes
  • Making sure that title insurance coverage is adequate
  • Addressing problems that prevent the buyer from receiving clear title
  • Monitoring financing
  • Dealing with property defects and boundary disputes
  • Representing you at closing to make sure you understand all the papers you sign
Do not make the potentially costly mistake of handling your own real estate transaction. Protect your investment with an experienced real estate attorney. Call Fournier Law Firm, Ltd. at 630-792-1000 or ask about our services by submitting our online contact form.

Is a Short Sale Right for You?

Are you having difficulty making your mortgage payments? Are you facing a foreclosure? If so, a short sale is a possible option for you. Short sales allow homeowners to sell their homes for less than the balance owed on the mortgage. By hiring a short sale attorney to negotiate on your behalf, you may be able to avoid having your lender seek a deficiency judgment against you. The goal is to let you walk away from your home without owing the lender any money.

Not every seller qualifies for a short loan and lenders may be reluctant to enter into such a transaction. For these reasons, you need a short sales attorney to advise you so that you will know whether this or some other option is the most reasonable way to handle your unfortunate situation.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our firm also handles commercial real estate transactions. We help businesses that want to lease retail or office space as well as businesses that want to purchase an existing building or acquire land and construct a building to suit their needs. We also advise commercial property owners who are relocating or closing their businesses and need to sell their properties.

Commercial property transactions benefit from a commercial real estate attorney who has years of experience dealing with intricate issues involving offices, retail space, restaurants, factories and plants, and other business-related properties. Zoning laws, environmental regulations, building and safety codes, and a variety of other laws need to be considered in any commercial real estate venture. Henry J. Fournier will work hard to implement your business property decisions while protecting your from liability.

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