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Looking for a Bargain on a Home? How to Spot a Motivated Seller


House hunters looking to purchase their first or next home are, undoubtedly, looking for a good deal on the home and a sales transaction void of big surprises or delays.  It can be exhausting to get into back and forth negotiations over price.  Not to mention potential discoveries in an inspection that need to be agreed upon before the sale moves forward.  It can appear, at times, that the home owner is not in any hurry to sell their home and is not willing to budge on their conditions.

In an article by Stephanie Booth, published by realtor.com, she provides seven signs that a homeowner is anxious to sell their home quickly and willing to work out a good deal with a prospective buyer.  For example, a home that is listed for sale by an estate might be a sign that the home can be purchased for a bargain price and be a candidate for a quick sale; the people who inherited the home might be out of town residents and/or looking to quickly liquidate the assets of the home.

Similarly, homes that appear to need some minor work such as landscaping and basic maintenance and are overall, just not spruced up to attract buyers, may indicate distress for the homeowner.  They may not have the means or resources to make minor repairs or updates to the home and are just looking to move on.  A home buyer might find an offer to be quickly accepted and be able to negotiate a quick close with a homeowner motivated to unload the burden of owning a home they can no longer afford to maintain.

Read the entire article for other signs that a home owner is desperate to sell their home.