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Is the Real Estate Market Starting to Turn?


The 2019 spring real estate market is in full swing and many home owners and prospective home buyers may be wondering what this year’s market has in store for them.  Will home buyers be able to list their home and quickly receive a full-priced offer, maybe even multiple offers?  Will prospective home buyers be competing against many other buyers and have to make quick and above list price offers? 

Despite the fact that there are reports indicating we are on the horizon of another hot real estate market season, data from Trulia predicts something quite different. Trulia has collected data that reflects home prices have been in a steady decline since the beginning of 2018.  This trend is the first indicator that the housing market may be entering into a “cyclical downturn”.  In an article published by Housing Wire, Alcynna Lloyd quotes Trulia, “’Cyclical housing market downturns occur roughly every 10 years, and they typically don’t happen overnight. Instead, they play out steadily over a few years, first showing up in sales volumes and later—usually a year or two later—in prices,’ Trulia writes.”

Fear not, however, that we are in store for a declining market similar to the one that occurred a decade ago.  The article goes on to detail the findings of the Trulia analysis, indicating home prices should only slightly decline and are more likely to just see “flat-to-modest housing price growth”.  Yet, home owners should expect their home to sell not quite as quickly and should certainly be prepared to enter in more vigorous negotiations with buyers in order to finalize a sale.

Since these changes are not expected to be extreme or immediate, more likely gradual and result in slow steady declines or even flat growth, only time will tell how this potential change plays out.

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