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How Do Homeowners Really Feel About Trying To Sell?


The idea of moving to a new house can be exciting.  Perhaps its to a new town full of possibilities, maybe it’s a bigger house in the suburbs allowing kids to play in a big back yard and have their own bedrooms, it may even be a smaller, easier to maintain house allowing more free time to do the things people love instead of home repairs and yard work.  However, for many Americans, they must first sell their current home before moving on to their next dream home. This phase of the real estate process is the source of angst for many homeowners.

The 2019 Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trend Report revealed many aspects of the home selling process cause stress for the homeowner trying to sell their home.  In an article published by MBA Newslink, it was summarized that, “not knowing if a home will sell within the desired time frame is the largest source of stress for sellers, with 56% calling it a stressful experience. Meanwhile, 53% of sellers worry about not being able to sell their home for the price they want; and 52% were stressed about an offer falling through.”

Sellers worry that they won’t sell their current home in time to comfortably purchase their next home, while others worry that they won’t be able to keep the house in the desired condition to sell the home, and still other homeowners find the idea of leaving their home for showings and open houses a stressful situation.  Home buyers can be so overwhelmed, their stress matches or exceeds the prospect of planning a wedding or getting fired from a job. 

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