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Good News About Credit Reporting and Credit Scores


Come this July, you may see a boost in your credit score.  The three major U.S. personal credit monitoring firms, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, will be removing some borrowers’ civil judgement and tax lien information from their credit reports.

According to an article published by Fortune.com, written by Kevin Lui, since 2015, these credit reporting firms have been working to correct credit reporting mistakes and removing information unrelated to the borrower’s loan application by omitting information deemed unnecessary to lending.  In fact, according the article, “…in 2011 alone, 8 million complaints about wrong information in credit reports were received by the three major credit-reporting firms, according to the CFPB”.

This latest announcement could result in some borrower’s credit scores increasing by up to 20 points.  An increase in a credit score can increase the likelihood of securing a loan and is also helpful when applying to rent a home and even can affect future employment opportunities.

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Photo Credit:  cafecredit.com