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Finding the Best Real Estate Agent: Tips and Considerations


Buying and selling  a home might be one or the biggest personal financial transactions of your life.  It can be emotional, confusing and time consuming.  Many home owners and those looking to purchase a home will eventually look to a real estate professional to guide them through the process.

In an article published by US News and World Report, the author, Devon Thorsby, provides some helpful tips and suggestions for finding a real estate agent for your next real estate transaction.  Thorsby begins by suggesting that potential home buyers or those considering listing their home begin the process of searching or a real estate agent earlier rather than later.  A real estate agent can help make important decisions and suggestions early on that may help the process go more smoothly.

Its important, of course, to find the right agent.  Narrowing down what kind go real estate professional you need is important:  an agent, Realtor or broker; each provides a different level of service and expertise.  Having a prepared list of questions for a potential agent can help ensure that there aren’t any surprises or concerns late in the process.  You  want to be sure you feel comfortable with the type and level service the agent will provide and what the ultimate price of using the agent will be.

Read the entire article for more specific information and details about tools to use when selecting a real estate professional.



Photo Credit:  Scott Maxwell