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Could the First Week Of Fall be the Best Time to Buy a House?


Buyers often wonder which the time of year it is best to purchase a home.  Many know that the spring market is when many homes come on the market and buyers begin looking in order to purchase homes before the start of the next school year.  However, as far as deciding when to buy a home based on getting the best deal, it turn out that the time is now! 

In an article published by Forbes, the week of September 22-28 has been identified, by Realtor.com as the “best week of the year to buy a house”.  In the analysis, it was found that the number of listings increase by more than 6% on average this week and the home on the market are just over 2% more affordable as price cuts close around 6% trend this week of the year. 

Overall, buyers will see less competition this week as the summer has come to a close and a number of buyers have exited the market for the year. Nationally, the competition is down by a quarter, with some local areas seeing a decrease in buyers close to 40%. 

Sellers can look forward to some positive news regarding this first week of fall, “…buyers have a more serious mindset and they are focused on making a purchase before the end of the year.”  Perhaps this unlikely time of the year to buy a home will be a win-win for sellers wanting to close the deal before the end of the year as well.

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