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Business Cards with Photos? Experts Weigh In.


Many realtors make the choice to include a portrait of themselves on their business card.  Is it a good idea?  What are some words of advice for professionals who choose to put their photo on their business card?

According to an article published in The Wall Street Journal by Lettie Teague, California-based real-estate coach Tom Ferry tells his clients,  “If you choose to use your headshot on your business card and marketing, make sure it is up-to-date and resembles what you actually look like in real life.”

Other agents advise fellow real estate agents to be sure the photo on the card reflects their personality and the town they work in.  Whether that means keeping their portrait natural and casual in tone, having a photo taken outdoors in the town they represent, or utilizing a more formal but friendly theme.  The most important aspect of the photo is that it is a true representation of the agent.

An interesting note to consider with regards to portraits on business cards, based on results of a 2013 study of photography in real estate materials, Professor Sean Salter found, “everything else being equal, attractive agents are going to have an edge.”

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Photo Credit:  Edwin Stemp