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Are You Ready for a Wave of Boomerang Buyers?


Short sales and foreclosures forced them out of their homes during the housing crisis, but industry reports say nearly half of those 7.5 million Americans will make their way back to homeownership over the next several years. In fact, as many as 500,000 are expected to do so in 2015. Are you ready to cater to these “boomerang” buyers who will likely approach home buying with more caution than typical buyers? According to Marc Gould, vice president of business specialties for the National Association of REALTORS®, this group will require special attention. In a new article for RISMedia, he advises agents to start assembling a strong support team of real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, and inspectors that can help this more cautious group feel confident in their purchasing decision.

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Image credit: Nan Palmero