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7 Things to Consider When You Inherit a Home


Deciding what to do when you inherit a home is a complex decision that many Americans will likely face at some point. In fact, over the next 40 years, Americans are expected to inherit more than 27 trillion in assets. When an inheritance includes a family home, figuring out what steps to take next requires careful financial consideration that can sometimes be clouded by a strong emotional connection to the property. Jamie Colby, host of the new Fox TV show Strange Inheritance, offers seven helpful tips that will help heirs think more objectively about both the home and the new financial obligations associated with their inheritance. One of those tips is to get a condition report from a licensed contractor so you understand what state the home is in. Consulting with a knowledgeable real estate attorney is also a smart step to help ensure there are no unexpected liens or other issues with the property.

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Image credit:  James Thompson